Lake View Country Club

The Erie Area's Premier Test of Golf

Hole #13

Par 5 – 509 yards

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Lake View Country Club Hole #13

Those who must fade the ball will find a lot of room to short and right, but the hole tightens up further out. Balls played here will leave the player no chance to get home in two on Lake View’s shortest par 5. The proper play is a draw down the left-center of the fairway, which will leave a good player a 3-wood, utility club, or a long iron to the green. Just be careful: snap one too far left and you’re OB.As the eleventh is the fader’s dream, the thirteenth is the drawer’s hole. The chute of trees blocking the left side of the fairway confirm that as you step on the tee!

Players attempting to lay up should do so to about 100 yards to avoid the two severe downslopes between 150 and 110 yards. From here, a partial wedge will get you home, but the shot had better be accurate: the 13th green is the most severely sloped green on the course, with a bowl front right and a shelf left and back. Keeping your ball in the proper section is critical, so control your spin and distance.

Once on, good luck two-putting. The distance of your first putt will often be the critical factor here.

 YardageParHandicap (M/W)
Tee #1509512/12
Tee #2501512/12
Tee #3501512/12
Tee #4454512/12
Tee #5454512/12
Tee #6408512/12
Tee #7333512/12