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Membership Promotion

The Escalator Program, our introductory promotion, is available for all Golf Memberships. New members may join the club at a rate of 55% of the current dues. Should the prospective member renew their membership, Year 2 is 70% of current dues and year 3 would be 85%, as illustrated below.  

Also continuing for the 2021 season is the Foursome Program for new Golf Memberships. For an annual fee of $1,950 each, four new Golf Members may join together as a group. After the first year of membership, each renewing member would be assigned to their respective membership category and placed into the Escalator Program Year 1 (55% dues), as illustrated below. Former members are not eligible for this program and there is no member credit for recruitment.

All memberships listed above are required to meet the same food and beverage minimums as their corresponding membership classification, currently $200 per quarter during months of operation, April – Dec ($600 annually).

All memberships renew on an annual basis and there is no obligation to renew.

Escalator Promotion Dues Schedule*

Voting ClassAnnual DuesYear 1 (55%)Year 2 (70%)Year 3 (85%)
Intermediate (ages 21-35)$3,384$1,862$2,368$2,876


* Years 2-3 are for illustration only. Dues typically increase 2-4% annually.