Lake View Country Club

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Hole #18

Par 4 – 399 yards

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Lake View Country Club Hole #18

The ideal drive cuts fairly close to the large tree 75 yards from the tees, which aim to the right just a little. A 3-wood is the safe play, but it’s the home hole: go with driver. Players who can hit a draw have the safer shot and will get more roll on the fairway, which slopes down from the tees. OB way left and small clusters of trees right should force your tee shot online.The finishing hole is one for the gamblers. At 399 yards from the tips, anyone can birdie to steal some bets, but cockiness can result in a mess. This hole also plays into the prevailing wind, so it may not play as easy as the yardage indicates.

The approach is to a medium-sized green fronted by two bunkers. You don’t want to be left or long, but bailing out right is not too bad depending on the pin position. This green is one of the trickiest on the course – take extra care in reading your putts.

When you’ve holed out, quickly scan the course. You’ve just played one of PA’s best. How’d you do?

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