Lake View Country Club

The Erie Area's Premier Test of Golf

Hole #17

Par 5 – 540 yards

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Lake View Country Club Hole #17

The fairway and the hole slope gently to the right, and as with most every par 5 at Lake View, this one’s a three-shotter for all but the longest and straightest of players. Your downhill drive should hug the trees and travel up the left-hand side of the fairway, which will leave you the most open shot for your second. Seventeen is the fourth toughest hole on the course, but if you talk to the members, you’ll find that the ranking is quite kind: it’s one heck of a hole!

If you choose to lay up, again play out to the left to leave yourself a slightly downhill pitch or wedge to a relatively small green. Going for it? Play a low cut that gets a chance to roll down the slight slope fronting the green.

The green, again, is relatively small and is guarded front left and front right by bunkers. Grass bunkers left and trees right and back make this green one that requires precision. Once on, players will find a true green that requires a little care in reading the break: putts at the front of the green break quite a bit.

 YardageParHandicap (M/W)
Tee #1540510/6
Tee #2529510/6
Tee #3456510/6
Tee #4456510/6
Tee #5444510/6
Tee #6444510/6
Tee #7380510/6